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We committed to casting industry to create a global brand

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  • Jun 16, 2015  UTC+8
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Recently, at the twelfth session of the National People's Congress group discussion, Tieli Duan, the representative of NPC, recommends "national strategy that well-known brands to create national strategy ", which means that many companies will casting a global brand.

As an economic power, our country must be to develop into an economic power, and the brand is a sign of economic power. Although global marketing are made in China, but many areas are facing have no brand products, in particular the lack of well-known international brands. Many products have no suitable brand name, what does it mean?

Casting is one of the main methods of obtaining rough mechanical products, is an important foundation for the mechanical engineering industry, and plays a very important position in the national economy. In many machines, casting weight accounted for a high proportion of the whole weight: metallurgy, cement machinery, building materials industry, utilities bridges will need to more significant type of high-quality steel castings. The development of the industry will go to stagnate or even fall behind, if technology of China's foundry industry is immature, so the brand building in steel castings field is essential.


As an enterprise with the independent brand, specializing in the production of steel castings, conform to the development needs of the current era. Great Wall Casting constantly updates technology and products, and are making efforts to create a world-renowned brand for China.