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Made in China 2025--the new opportunity for the development of Great Wall Steel Casting

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  • Jun 15, 2015  UTC+8
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The State Council recently issued the "Made in China 2025", which is endorsed by prime minister Keqiang Li, deploy the all-round implementation of manufacturing power strategy. "Made in China 2025" identified 9 strategic tasks and emphasis. As basis of manufacturing, the casting industry will also have earth-shaking changes.


First, the upgrading of product structure is in urgent need of putting into practices. Whether business innovation, brand building, or penetration of high-tech products, all need the support of high-end steel castings, Great Wall Casting as a leader in the foundry industry, has made new development in the field of middle and high-end products with years’ development and reform. In the current economic situation, casting factories are facing a very serious economic situation. Therefore, only by timely upgrade product structure, can it cater to the current situation trend of made in China 2025.

Second, green manufacturing is the highest frequency vocabulary in recent years, also be raised again in” Made in China 2025”, therefore, the transformation and upgrade of environmental technology is an important aspect need to improve continuously for industrial developing. Under the circumstances that the current foundry enterprises are located relatively fragmented and the majorities are small and medium-size, so system management is always a big problem for the industry. Therefore, green casting will become the main tone of foundry industry in the next five years. Foundry enterprises should actively carry out technological innovation, weed out backward production methods, and take the road of green casting.

Third, the top 10 key areas for deepening development put forward by “Made in China 2025”, just are the places supported by foundry industry, coupled with its added value is high, and the dosage is bigger, all of these has bring enterprises an infinite profit margin.

In short, under the police” Made in China 2025”, there are both opportunities and challenges in foundry industry. The enterprises only by keeping a policy direction well , developing the technology and upgrading products, can get the opportunity, and keep an invincible position in the industry. As the leading manufacturer of large-scale steel casting, Great Wall Casting will seize new opportunities and create more space for future development.