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GREAT WALL GGBFS PLANT Comprehensive Analyze on the Best Concrete Additive Mixing Percentage

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  • Jun 02, 2015  UTC+8
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Concrete has been wide used as an important structural material to effect and moulding the modern buildings. At present, the world annual capacity of concrete material has been over 10 billion tons. To mix part of mineral additives into the concrete, take the place of certain amount of cement, not only save the resource cost, lower the energy consumption, but also improve the concrete’s working performance.

We invite GREAT WALL GGBFS PLANT engineer introduce us the detailed information. Fly ash and GGBS is able to act as the active additives and both made from the industry waste, which costs lower than cement. A lot of SiO2, Al2O3 are contained in the fly ash and GGBFS chemical component. In a humid environment, They have chemical reaction with alkaline substance- Ca(OH)2, and get jelling substance as tobermorite and hydrated calcium aluminate, etc, which can improve the concrete strength. Microsphere particles are both existed in these 2 materials. The tiny microsphere equals with positive nano materials that can improve the workability of concrete. The more fine of the additives particle size, the better effect it have to improve the gap between particle sizes and increase the concrete’s dense degree. But GGBFS market price is higher than fly ash. It owns the character of hydrate and hydraulic itself. Fly ash only has strength when it is motivated by Portland cement. To guarantee of the concrete’s strength, economy, and workability, when matching, we should consider all the specialty of these additives.


Most concrete benching plant won’t mix with any additives or with one kind of additives, when it processes the commercial concrete. Is this the best method? How many additives we should mix with cement?

Therefore, GREAT WALL GGBFS PLANT makes a test as follows. Mix with different percentage fly ash and GGBFS to pure C3O concrete. Some of them mix with only one kind of additives; some of them mix with 2 additives. Comparing the concrete strength, workability, we get the follow result.

1. After mixing with certain percentage of additives, the concrete performance is improved in its workability, increased in its slumps or with less slumps lost. The more the additives, the better of the workability have. Fly ash works well than the GGBFS in improve the concrete’s workability.

2. only mix with fly ash, or with GGBFS, the early strength is growing slowly, but the middle and later period strength are very good, which meet the engineer requirement. And GGBFS grows fast than fly ash.

3. To mix the two materials at the both time is a effective way to integrated their advantage. Concrete slumps are higher that same percentage matched GGBFS cement. Compressive strength is higher than fly ash cement index. Therefore, both of the important indexes are qualified. According to data analysis, if additives ≥45%, its middle and later period strength is lower than standard concrete. But the slump is better. If additives 30%~40%, it’s the percentage that have the good strength and workability.

To mix with GGBFS and fly ash, the concrete performance are greatly improved and qualified. The price is lower than standard pure cement. Great Wall GGBFS PLANT suggest you that if C3O

Are needed in your engineer, it is worthy to try the above percentage to match the two material mixed with cement.

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