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Four factors should pay attention when buy the vertical mill

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  • Apr 25, 2015  UTC+8
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In most grinding systems, much attention has been paid to energy conservation and environmental protection effect of large-scale vertical mill. In recent years, the "no spheroidizing trend" also promote the development of the vertical grinding machine.Some experts believe that as a kind of new typel grinding equipment, vertical mill have the high efficiency, energy saving. It is the main equipment in industrial production in the future, will get a greater development and application.

Now so many vertical grinding machine manufacturers, the quality are intermingled. Under this condition , how to buy the rest assured, the quality guaranteed large vertical mill equipment?


First, comparing several vertical grinding machine manufacturers.

As an old saying goes, "one never loses anything by shopping around," Wihtout comparing, how can you pick out the good quality of high quality products.During Investigation, look at the manufacturers emphatically the development of the scale, the level of technical personnel, production of skilled workers degree, etc.Xinxiang Great Wall machinery has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and has more than 50 years equipment manufacturing experience, and gradually formed a perfect design, development, manufacturing, marketing, production and management equipment installation and after-sales service management system.We also has been awarded the "high growth in henan province private enterprise", "China's cement industry supplier top", "China's cement industry top ten innovative enterprises" and other honorary titles.

Second, Other customers’ review and company reputation.

The customer's word-of-mouth evaluation is the important basis to measure a manufacturer.Great Wall machinery has the numerous customer case.In August of last year, Shanghai baosteel signed with the Great Wall Machinery general annual output of 1.5 million tonsslag fine powder contracts. Shanghai baosteel experts have come to my company for many times and gives high praise: "the Great Wall of mechanical equipment, rich production experience, management is also very standard, the spirit of Great Wallers are more rare, in the future, Great Wall will walk in the forefront of the domestic waste disposal profession, become the industry leader!"

Third, learn more about the company's after-sales service before the payment. 

Select companies with after-sales service , such as provide on-site installation services. The company send professional technical service personnel to participate in the acceptance and guide installation, commissioning, until the equipment normal operation, and provides the corresponding flour mill operation technical training services, in the later can save a lot of trouble.Perfect after-sales service has always been one of the features of the Great Wall machinery company, Great Wall machinery has the professional elite team, provide the detailed design process and equipment, based on customer's actual situation and according to the special requirements of customers, to the scene planning site for the user, help customers to design the best processes and programs;And regularly to customer on-site inspection equipment running status;

Fourth, avoid unnecessary economic disputes in the contract.

After confirm the purchase, before the purchase contract, should carefully read the order contract, timely supplement and perfect as far as possible,to avoid the unnecessary economic disputes after signing the contract.Machinery manufacturers should take the good faith "as the article" , shall not be included in contract to cut corners and benefit, the Great Wall Machinery with good reputation in 50 years has never seen economic disputes between with customers, as customers long-term cooperation partner.

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery since founded in 1958, has been committed to do large vertical mill equipment the industry leader,provides the high quality of machinery, equipment and services, has many customers at home and abroad.