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Cheap big Ball Mill Trunnion for kiln for export

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  • Jun 12, 2015  UTC+8
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Introduction of big Ball Mill Trunnion for kiln

Big Ball Mill Trunnion for kiln is one of key parts of vertical roller mill. It includes drag rings, lining plate and base. The optimization and improvement are made basing on traditional grinding table casting technology, that the most advanced sodium silicate-bonded sand molding technology, to overcome deficiencies in structure and make the grinding base bear force equivalently. All these measures avoid material’s washout problem on no-wear-resisting surface.


Advantages of big Ball Mill Trunnion for kiln

Steel foundry & Iron foundry

Great Wall Machinery has resin sand casting production line. Our foundry owns smelting equipments of 75T ladle refining furnace, 50T eccentricity furnace, 70T vacuum degassing furnace and electric furnace of 3T, 5T, 20T. Besides, the inspection equipments include chemical element analysis equipment, direct-reading spectrum test, mechanical property tester, impact tester, Magnetic particle inspection equipment as well as Ultrasonic fault detector. All manufacturing bases have obtained the certificates of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Welding fabrication

Great Wall Machinery owns a welding factory which is nearly 10,000 square meters. It can conduct manual welding, automatic submerged arc welding and gas shield welding. The welders all have certification, and they are experienced. The factory already undertook 10000+ projects. The technicists have 10 years experiences. You can trust us!


Great Wall Machinery has 8000T oil press, 3T and 8T air hammer, D8.5xH1.5 CNC grinding ring machine. These equipments are used for forging and machining shafts, rings.


Great Wall Machinery possesses larger and precision NC machining equipments including L28xH4 CNC gantry milling machine, L14xH4.5 NC floor-type milling & boring machine, L20xD9 NC horizontal lathe, D8xH4 NC double column vertical lathe, four-axis horizontal machining centre, etc. These equipments are used for machining casting, forging, welding fabrication and other final machining.

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