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How to set up a cement clinker grinding unit?

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  • Feb 22, 2023  UTC+8
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As we all know, the cement production can generally be divided into three processes: raw material preparation, clinker production and finished cement production. The cement grinding plant is a vital link of the finished cement production. The cement grinding plant also called cement grinding unit, is used to grind clinker into qualified cement. With the development of the cement industry, cement grinding plant becomes more common. As an individual section of finished cement production, at this stage, mixing the calcined clinker and mixed materials in a certain proportion, and then grinding to the required particle size to obtain the finished cement product we need.
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Cement grinding machines
The equipment required for the cement grinding plant mainly includes cement roller press, cement silos, belt conveyors, cement mills, classifiers, bucket elevators, packing machines, dust collectors, etc.
The cement silo is used to store cement clinker, gypsum, and mixture.
The belt conveyor is used to mix and transport the cement clinker, gypsum, and mixture in a certain proportion.
The cement roller press and cement mill are used to grind the cement raw material to the required particle size and packaging. There are two types of cement mill including a ball mill and vertical cement mill.
The packing machine is used to pack the finished cement product into a bag according to a certain weight.
The dust collector is used to treat the dust generated during the cement grinding process to ensure that the dust emission reaches the national requirements.
Cement grinding process
The whole workflow of the cement grinding plant is as follows: the cement clinker, gypsum, and mixture in the cement silo are mixed by the belt conveyor in a certain proportion and transported to the cement roller press, cement mill or group of them for grinding. The cement is ground by the cement mill to the required particle size. The machine is screened, and the qualified cement is sent to the cement silo by bucket elevator, and then packaged by the packing machine, and the dust generated in the process is discharged into the air after-treatment of the dust collector. +8615638871509