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Rotary Kiln Shell Manufacturer - Rotary Kiln Part

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  • Nov 22, 2022  UTC+8
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Rotary Kiln Shells are available in standard quality and thicknesses. Here, our rich industry experience and process expertise also allows us to make these available in customized finish specifications as demanded by the customers. These find application in areas like mining, metal casting, cement as well as in dyeing industries.
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Features :
Used for raising temperature of material in continuous process
Especially suitable to be used in heavy duty industries
Overall kiln size including diameters and length based on available process conditions
Kiln sections sized by what is practical for transportation or depending upon capabilities of shop
Sections precision welded for forming kilns
Sections coming with alignment tabs welded inside shell that assists in holding and aligning shell pieces until field welded
The maximum weight can be 120 tons
Applications :
Sponge Iron Plants
Cement Plants
Chemical & Mineral Plants
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