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Active Lime Production Line

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  • Nov 10, 2022  UTC+8
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CHAENG can undertake the 100-1500t/d active lime production line EPC, including the reach report, civil engineering, designing, equipment, installation and debugging.
lime rotary kiln
1. High activity, and good quality: the activity of the finished product can reach 360ml, underfiring and overburning rate <8%,and the quality is uniform.
2. Advanced technology, energy conservation and environment protection: advanced calcination technology, low energy consumption; temperature of discharged fuel gas < 220℃, which is good for dust collection, and can fully meet the requirements of energy conservation and environment protection;
3. Large output. The maximum capacity for a single line can be 1000 t/d.
4. High degree of automation, and easy operation. Adopt DCS remote control system with high degree of automation. +8615638871509