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Coal Mill in Cement Plant-Coal vertical mill & Coal ball mill

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  • Oct 26, 2022  UTC+8
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At present, most cement plants use coal as the main fuel in the clinker production process. The standard coal consumed by the new dry process for producing 1 ton of cement clinker is usually between 100 kg and 130 kg, and the fuel cost accounts for about 15% of the cement production cost.
Calcining high-quality cement clinker needs a stable coal powder supply. Therefore, coal powder preparation has become an important part of cement production, and the coal mill has also become one of the important pieces of equipment in cement plants. The coal mill in a cement plant should be reliable and should be operated with great care, or it is easy to cause safety accidents In the process of grinding, storage, transportation, and burning of pulverized coal, resulting in casualties and equipment damage.
We are a professional grinding equipment manufacturer, we can provide two types of coal mills, coal vertical mill and coal ball mill, to meet the coal grinding needs of different customers.
When we manufacture a coal mill, we will comprehensively take into account the production scale, site, raw coal quality, operating conditions, and other aspects of the target project for reasonable design, so as to perfectly match the kiln calcination system and meet the requirements of reliability, efficiency, safety, environmental protection, and automation.
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