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Introduction parameters of slag tank/slag pot

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  • Nov 18, 2019  UTC+8
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The process manufacturing of the slag tank/slag pot requires relatively strong technical parameters to be manufactured, so the casting structure and configuration of the slag tank/slag pot cannot be set away from the parameters.
slag pot slag tank

1. The line shortening rate, we need to choose chromite ore glass sand as the surface sand from the type to the core surface according to the structure of the slag tank/slag pot. The manual sand type can be adopted, and the vertical casting resistance is not large, and it is selected in various aspects. The same scale.

2. Using technology to replenish energy, we can ensure the processing accuracy of slag cans and grinding requirements, and then select parameters in different positions of the product to ensure internal quality and processing standards. The choice is the water glass sand that is tempered after hardening, and the draft angle is increased in order to facilitate the mold release. At the T-joint, prevent cracks due to certain stresses and increase the angle of the fillet at the corners.

3. The negative number of the classification, in order to prevent the unevenness of the box surface, the super high in the box, so in each section of the sand box parting surface, will give a negative number of about 5 mm.

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