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Chaeng vertical grinding plant for slag in cement industry

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  • Jan 16, 2019  UTC+8
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The slag powder is the abbreviation of granulated blast furnace slag powder. It is a kind of high-quality concrete admixture. It is made of granulated blast furnace slag according to GB/T203 standard. It is dried and ground to reach a powder with considerable fineness and meeting the activity index. body.

The granulated blast furnace slag is a molten material obtained by smelting pig iron in the blast furnace with calcium aluminosilicate as the main component. The industrial solid waste obtained after water quenching into granules is mostly vitreous and has potential hydraulic hardness. Gelling. Fly ash is an industrial solid waste discharged from a coal-fired boiler of a thermal power plant. It is mainly made of glass and has volcanic ash characteristics. It is one of the main raw materials for cement production, concrete preparation and wall material production.

The comprehensive utilization of slag in the cement industry has mainly gone through three stages:

1. Granulated blast furnace slag is mainly used as cement mixture. Mainly mixed grinding. Due to the difficulty in grinding the slag, the amount of cement in the cement is limited, generally not exceeding 30%.

2. Learning foreign technology, slag powder as a high-mixing material for high-performance concrete, promoted in construction projects. However, the specific surface area of the slag powder should be more than 600m2/kg, and there are only a few grinding stations in China. The main reason is that imported equipment is expensive and the production line investment is quite large.

3. The most economical grinding fineness of slag powder should be controlled at about 400m2/kg. Such slag powder can be directly supplied to the concrete mixing station as a blending material, and can also synthesize a high-content slag cement with clinker and gypsum powder. With the development of the cycle close to 100 million tons / economy, the output of slag powder has doubled every year, and an emerging industry that produces building materials is being formed in China.

Chaeng slag vertical grinding plant advantages

1. Reduce investment costs, intelligent control

GRMS integrates the functions of crushing, grinding, drying, separating and conveying, with compact structure, covering an area of approximately 50% of that of ball mill system. And it can be laid outdoors, so that investment cost is greatly reduced; it is equipped with PLC/DCS automatic control system, can realize remote control and simple operation.

2. Adjust fineness according to demands

A new efficient cage-shaped rotor separator ensures the finished surface area can be adjusted flexibly in the range of 400~550 ㎡/kg, to meet customer different requirements on fineness.

3. Power consumption per set of GRMS is not more than 30Kwh

The horizontal grinding table and conical grinding roller are adopted to ensure the material to form a stable material bed. The energy consumption is low, saving 30% - 40% compared with the ball milling system;

4. Remarkable energy-saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance

The system is in the state of negative pressure, no dust overflow. Environment is clean, meeting the environmental protection requirements; through the maintenance of the oil cylinder, turning the rocker arm to replace the roller sleeve and lining plate is convenient and fast, so as to reduce downtime losses.

5. Original spare parts to reduce maintenance worries

Grinding rollers, rocker arms and other spare parts in the whole system are manufactured by CHAENG originally, ensuring the quality and greatly reducing the customer's worries of no where to find the spare parts.

6. Metal recovery rate of per-ton slag is great

Special design of the iron removal device can make pig iron recovery rate reach 0.2-0.3%, so that the per-ton production of slag can get higher metal income, and to avoid the metal "enrichment" phenomenon, reduce the consumption of wearing parts and decrease maintenance costs.