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New rotary kiln process

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  • Nov 30, 2018  UTC+8
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The rotary kiln started relatively late in China. At the beginning of the founding of the country, it only used the rotary kiln for environmental protection and disposed of waste and garbage. With the rapid development of China's industry, rotary kiln began to be applied to the calcination of lime. Due to the lack of technical level and experience, the development of rotary kiln was slow at the beginning, and later passed in the small rotary kiln. With continuous testing and the introduction of advanced technology from abroad, our rotary kiln system has developed rapidly.

In order to accurately operate the rotary kiln, the ideal process index is obtained. The temperature measuring thermocouple and the rotary kiln fan are installed in each working section of the kiln body, and the temperature measurement signal and the power supply are transmitted through the conductive ring mechanism installed on the kiln body. When the rotary kiln is working, due to the thermal expansion of the cylinder, the tug wheel group is improperly adjusted, and the friction coefficient between the rolling ring and the tug wheel changes, causing the cylinder to reciprocate.

At present, the conductive ring mechanism used in the conventional rotary kiln fixes the frame of the carbon brush on the foundation. The contact between the conductive ring and the carbon brush is poor due to the reciprocating movement of the cylinder, which makes the temperature measurement signal reaction inaccurate. It is impossible to accurately reflect the furnace condition in the rotary kiln and affect the process indicators. Therefore, the sealing device between the rotary kiln cylinder and the kiln head and the kiln tail, and the conductive ring mechanism mounted on the cylinder are the key to the rotary kiln. Whether the structure is reasonable will directly affect the process operation of the rotary kiln and process indicators.