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60 Years of Craftsmanship, Centenary Dreams of CHAENG

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  • Nov 14, 2018  UTC+8
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Xinxiang Great Wall, develops from nothing, from small to large, from weak to strong, cast a monument of China's machinery industry.

In 1958, under the call of "people's communes go in for large-scale enterprises", Liangcun association collected the small handicraftsman in the area under its jurisdiction and set up the township iron wood community, which started its business with two sets of furnaces, mainly produced agricultural machinery and parts for agricultural production, and opened a stretch of arduous pioneering road, following the principle of developing industry based on agriculture and promoting agriculture by industry.

In the early 1970s, the commune laid great stress on basic industries, built cement plants and laid the heavy burden of manufacturing ball mills on the shoulders of machinery plants.

At that time it was really difficult, no equipment, no technology, no raw materials. It's amazing to think of it now that we started with indigenous method, and made out the original equipment firstly, and then produced the ball mill.

Live up to our expectations, Succeed in carrying out an assignment

In 1971, the first one-meter-diameter ball mill was developed and installed in the Yellow River cement plant run by the commune. Our products began to transform from agricultural machinery to building materials industry equipment.

Thousands of miles start from small steps, in the extremely difficult conditions, the Great Wall People of the older generation made construction during the day, researched at night. Fighting the sweltering heat and severe cold, they found joy amid hardship, and focused their mind on the researching and developing of the production. New products came out one after another, new achievements were too numerous to count, the Φ1.83*6.4m ball mill we developed in 1985 was awarded science and technology progress prize of Henan Province; Jindun brand of tube mill was chosen as quality product by the people's government of Henan province in 1988.

The effort was paid off and the product was in short supply.

In order to pick up the goods as soon as possible, the customers directly stayed in the factory to expedite the delivery and took the initiative to work with the employees, this kind of prosperous scene was going on for nearly 10 years, it was still vivid in the old employees.

"The saying is final, do it once being decided, never change in front of big difficulty" it is the spirit label of Huixian people, the Great Wall people also brings this sincerity to the utmost.

They did not have a high culture, but they dared to think and do. They designed large floor type machine tools, double-driven three-roller plate rolling machine by themselves, and began to make mass production of ball mills and rotary kilns of various specifications.

Be loyal to the original intention, start from the sincerity, and follow the ingenuity.

Xinxiang Great Wall grew into a nationally renowned enterprise from an unknown township iron wood community step by step.

In 1995, the factory's director Sun Zhongquan was awarded the title of national model worker. Liu Zhengwei, Li Changchun, Ren Keli and other leaders of the provincial Party committee came to guide our work successively, and Xinxiang Great Wall became a first-class advanced enterprise of Henan province.

Years goes by, time changes, the craftsman was old, but the persistent spirit forged hammer by hammer had been cast into the soul of the enterprise, which become the foundation of Great Wall people.

Take responsibility at critical moments and keep improving

After more than a decade of rapid development, hidden risks rose to the surface quietly like invisible shackles slowly locked the hands and feet of enterprises.

By 1998, the machinery factory was no longer in limelight. The operating loss was severe, the wages could not be issued for seven or eight months, and the owed raised-fund was around 4 million Chinese yuan.

Where is the road? There seemed no hope at all and people were lost. People were leaving continuously and among the ones who came into the factory together with me, only several people stayed.

The ship weighed a thousand pounds, with one man at the helm.

At the beginning of 1998, Mr Wang Jizhong, only 33 years old, was appointed by the Mengzhuang town Party committee government as the director of Xinxiang Great Wall Mining Machinery Factory, he leading this enterprise which seemed to be lost in the vast sea to go forward and meet the challenges.

This year also became the year of the turning point of the machinery factory.

The top priority is to get employees to work, get enough to eat and resume production as soon as possible.

Product and management couldn’t keep up with the pace of the times, which has become the shackle of enterprise development.

To develop rapidly, reform and innovation is the inevitable choice. At that time, management had more than 100 people, which made it overstaffed and inefficient. Facing with the chaotic situation, he went deep into the front line and made multiple investigations. First of all, he unified the thoughts and actions, boldly reformed, established the enterprise management idea of "catch a leading role, highlight a center, and revitalize the enterprise by science and technology" and worked together with all staff to start a new undertaking.

It is only with difficulty that courage is more apparent.

With the successful installation and production of three vertical kiln production lines in Hebei province, the machinery factory miraculously revived and turned loss into profit in 1998.

“Don’t seek reasons of unfeasibility, seek methods of feasibility”

This is not only the slogan, but also the clank oath that Mr Wang Jizhong led the Great Wall people to practice consistently.

Centering on the development trend of domestic and international industries, we have been learning and researching constantly. "Going with the trend and taking a step ahead" is our experience. In terms of products, it is from experience to independent research and development, from difficult exploration to industry benchmark to promote the development of the enterprise step by step.

In 2001, under the trust and support of the secretary Fan Qingrong of Meng Electric Group, Wang Jizhong led Xinxiang Great Wall to start the new dry cement production line matching kiln and mill with the breakthrough of "three grinding mills and one kiln" of two 1,200 tons/day clinker production lines of Meng Electric Cement, .

In 2004, Great Wall got the order of the large kilns and grinding mills of 2x 3000 tons/day new dry cement production lines of Meng electric cement, which was regarded as a "destiny project, strategic project and demonstration project" by Great Wall people. Great Wall completed the transition from small cement equipment production to big cement equipment production which made the Xinxiang Great Wall have a place in the field of big mill and kiln, and created the miracle of getting first in many fields.

Wang Jizhong has always stressed that "there is only weak idea, no weak market". Facing the insufficient and small scale orders, the company draw out the best staff to take the initiative to go to the customer and explore the market, finally occupied the market with the excellent quality and service and won the trust and recognition of a large number of customers. Many enterprises established long-term cooperation with us and repeatedly ordered form us. Among them, just Tianshan cement of China National Building Materials Group has successively purchased 3 sets of 4.8x72m rotary kilns and 16 sets of 4.2x13m double sliding ball mills.

Great Wall is rejuvenating.

According to statistics, there are more than 3000 sets of ball mills and rotary kilns and over 150 sets of vertical mills of various specifications produced since the production of the first ball mill. The products are all over the country.

In order to extend the production chain of the company and meet the delivery time and quality requirement of steel castings parts for large-scale kiln and mill, the company invested 200 million Chinese yuan, carrying forward the speed of Meng Electric, mobilizing the whole plant, regardless of the weather, to turn a wilderness into a large cast steel base with an annual output of 50,000 tons.

Technology innovation, upgrading and transformation

When the enterprise is in crisis, devise strategies within a command tent and win the future with foresight;

When the enterprise is in prosperous, take the responsibility of green and environmental protection and win the reputation with commitment.

In response to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection, to meet the advent of the era of no ball mill, the company vigorously develops vertical mill of significant energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics.

In 2007, our first vertical roller mill was put into production in Yuan’an, Hubei province. With that, our company cooperated with Dr. Liu Zihe, who is chief expert in vertical mill in China, successfully developed GRM series vertical mill, and created the era of Great Wall vertical mill.

This big important achievement was not only the breakthrough of technology, but also the qualitative leap, which pushed the development of domestic vertical mill to the peak.

Seize every chance and dare to be the first one.

In order to accelerate the promotion of vertical mill, our company invested 50 million Chinese yuan in 2010, used self-produced GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill as the main equipment, to build the first slag micro-powder line of annual output 600,000 tons as demonstration training base in domestic industry.

Based on this demonstration base and our company’s strong production capacity, we rapidly developed from the single vertical mill supplier into an integrated service provider of grinding system, who can provide eight services including raw materials testing, program design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training, reaching the designed output and standard, intelligent services, and spare parts service. We have built a total of 116 industrial waste slag EPC production line for domestic and foreign customers.

In 2013, Shanghai Bao steel wanted to build the national industrial waste slag resource utilization demonstration project. Based on the global and multifaceted investigation, finally convinced by our company’s advanced technology, fine management, and high-quality service, it signed the composite powder project of annual output of 1.5 million tons with Xinxiang Great Wall. This project was put into operation in 2017, and become the model of “eat clean and squeeze all” in domestic waste slag industry.

The utilization of industrial waste slag, recycling, resource utilization, doing turnkey service, which are not only in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also conform to the development trend of building materials and equipment industry, we are one step ahead again.

Ambition of craftsman, embrace the world. Great Wall of Xinxiang, Great Wall of the world

The Great Wall people continue to make a breakthrough, once again set ambitious goal: to become a world-class integrated supplier for grinding system.

Depending on the trend of "Internet +", deepening the reform, Xinxiang Great Wall established the E-commerce department and international trade department, built multi-lingual business team, and fully rooted in the international market catching the opportunity of "the Belt and Road", to make the products and turnkey service go to the world.

In 2015, the international trade department successfully signed turnkey service contract with PT. Indoferro for 300,000 tons/year nickel slag production line, we make the production line successfully when first time feeding, rely on scientific and detailed proposal, first-class manufacturing and installation level, we won the PT. Indoferro people's praise and recognition by the speed and quality.

This line was the first nickel slag production line in Indonesia. It caused a strong response in the surrounding, and has brought two turnkey service project contracts from the South Korea POSCO, Indonesia POSCO.

As the industry leader, Xinxiang Great Wall actively open up a new pattern in the field of building materials and equipment industry. The rotary kiln, grinding mill and steel castings of Great Wall have been exported to Germany, Korea, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and more than 60 countries and regions, successfully achieved good cooperation with TATA Steel, SMS (Siemag), POSCO, Lafarge and other well-known foreign enterprises.

Thousands of “plus” and millions of “internet”, smart manufacturing is prevailed.

The turnkey production line of Great Wall is developing towards energy conservation, environmental protection, digital, networking, and intelligent direction.

Using the internet big data cloud computing, adopting intelligent analysis, diagnosis, adjustment, decision-making at each stage of production line, Great Wall will become a veritable integrated supplier of grinding system and the builder of beautiful environment.

In 2018, we also set up a Yuntong Network Technology Co., Ltd which is a pilot car-free carrier enterprise of Henan province and is the first car-free carrier platform in Xinxiang, it is to help customers solve the problem of transport costs invoicing difficulty, invoicing expensive and virtual invoicing risk, it reduce operating costs, improve enterprise efficiency.

We will strive to build a national-level internet platform,to be a platform and technical company,to better promote the deep integration with the original users through our technology and services,to become the leader and advocator of the industry ecological chain.

60 years of brand accumulation, 60 years of pursuit, Xinxiang Great Wall has witnessed the process of China's economy from weakness to strength, especially witnessed the development of China's manufacturing industry from scratch to strength.

At present, XinXiang Great Wall has assets worth 1 billion Chinese yuan, covers an area of 700,000 square meters, and has more than 2,000 employees. It already formed 2 main direction, 4 factories area, 8 companies. Our business is engaged in building materials and environmental protection equipment, large steel casting, plastic electronics, high-end petroleum equipment and car-free carrier platforms. Through interaction of industrialization and informationization, manufacturing and servicing, we enhance the core competitiveness, industrial competitiveness, brand influence, and market share, to create a new situation in the development of the company!

The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, Henan province high growth type private enterprise, Henan province energy saving vertical mill engineering technology research center, provincial enterprise technology center, Henan province energy-saving technology innovation demonstration enterprise and so on.

There is a way in the heart, thousands of miles can be reached.

In the future, it will take another 10 years to complete the pledge to build a new Great Wall. Great Wall will develop into a modern and respected multinational company at the 100th anniversary.

We are just a inheritor, and we have to be grateful to the old generation, that is, we should be grateful to the old generation for creating this world, so that we can inherit.

We should care about the next generation. The next generation of Great Wall has many excellent talents. The future development of Great Wall and its ambition and aspiration should be realized by them.

Great Wall people will accumulate craftsmanship into culture, cultural heritage for adherence.

We hope to have another 60 years, the story of the craftsmanship of the Great Wall people will be condensed in the legend and become the poetry of the later generations.

60 Years of Craftsmanship, Centenary Dreams of CHAENG