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Which is the best large ring gear manufacturer? - Chaeng(Great Wall Cast Steel)

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  • Aug 30, 2018  UTC+8
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The large ring gear is the main component of the rotary kiln and the ball mill. It needs to drive the entire cylinder for a long time. Therefore, the quality requirements of the large ring gear are very high in actual production. Great Wall Cast Steel can process and produce various types of large ring gear according to the drawings and dimensions provided. The main materials are ZG45, ZG42CrMO and so on.
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Product advantages

1. Unique heat treatment technology to improve wear resistance. The large ring gear produced by the Great Wall cast steel adopts unique heat treatment technology in the casting, which optimizes the ring gear structure, improves the hardness, and greatly enhances the wear resistance and impact resistance of the product.

2. High-strength steel guarantees service life. Great Wall Cast Steel uses high-strength steel for ring gear casting, and optimizes the transmission characteristics of rotary kiln and ball mill to ensure the stability of components under long-term operation and prolong the service life of components.

3. Mass production is more efficient. Great Wall Cast Steel has strong production capacity of steel castings, which can be used for mass production of large ring gears, etc., with short casting cycle and large output.

As a large-scale steel casting manufacturer in the north of Henan Province, Great Wall Cast Steel has been following the national standard 2 level flaw detection standard and implemented 360° non-destructive testing system. There are German OBLF GS-1000 direct reading spectrometer, carbon sulfur analyzer, three element analyzer, Mechanical performance testing machine, impact test low temperature tank, impact testing machine, UT, MT flaw detection equipment, etc., the purpose is to achieve accurate ratio of chemical composition of cast steel to ensure the quality of steel castings.