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Green cement plant is on the way in the world

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  • Mar 29, 2018  UTC+8
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Work on the construction of low CO2 cement plant will commence shortly in Bellara, El Milia, according to the local Minister of Environment. The plant, a project by an Algerian-Emirati-Indian partnership, will produce cement using slag and fly ash from the nearby Bellara power station and steel complex, as well as its own clinker. It will have a capacity of 2Mt/yr for the local and export market. It will generate 143 direct jobs when fully operational.Environmental protection has become a trend and low-pollution cement plants to have a way out in the world.
green cement plant

Chaeng can help you build up the green cement plant,our cement grinding machine has following advantages:

1. Comprehensive services coverage, mature system solutions

in order to create high quality overall solution for customer of cement industry. It’s not only content your production requirement, but also perfectly solve the problem of project and maintenance,

2. PC42.5 cement surface area is 3800cm²/g, production technology is mature.

our vertical roller mill produced PC42.5 cement surface area is 3800cm²/g, vertical roller mill has the completely ability to replace cement ball mill with stable and reliable quality.

3. Energy consumption reduced by 30%, milling yield for per unit time improved by more than 10%

Adopting advanced process control and energy management, reducing power consumption by more than 30%, single machine power consumption is 18~22kWh/t, and electricity saving effect is remarkable. With equipment technology improvement of chaeng mill work efficiency improved, milling yield for per unit time improved by more than 10%.

4. Manual operation strength reduction, stability of milling process promotion

There is no manual operation in the process of mill running, which realizes the automatic control with long-term, stable, effective, makes milling process more stable, realizes fine work of production.

5. The average of dust concentration is lower than 1 mg/m², noise is around 80dB

Cement vertical roller mill adopts internal negative pressure system, effectively reduces dust overflow, the average of dust concentration is lower than 1 mg/m², noise control accord with "Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises Noise at Boundary".