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Phosphorus slag vertical mill - how much of phosphorus slag processing equipment

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  • Feb 01, 2018  UTC+8
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Phosphorus slag is a waste residue produced from the production of phosphorus, with potential hydration activity.

1, the application of phosphorus residue

Through the incorporation of a certain amount of activator can stimulate the activity of phosphorus slag, phosphorus slag can replace slag or fly ash instead of producing excellent performance cement products, cement concrete can give full play to the performance.

According to the research, it is proved that 42.5R cement can be produced by substituting phosphorus slag instead of slag, and the most economical formula is 75% of clinker, 5% of limestone, 5% of slag, 10% of phosphorus slag, 3% of gypsum, .

The most economical formula for producing 32.5R cement with phosphorus slag instead of fly ash is 55% of clinker, 15% of limestone, 10% of fly ash, 10% of phosphorus slag, 3% of gypsum, F12% Mineral powder F25% (also can be converted to limestone).

2, phosphorus slag production process introduction

Accumulation of phosphorus residue by the forklifts take the material, feeding, conveying through the belt conveyor. In the process of transportation, raw materials of phosphorus slag have been removed iron and sieve through iron separator and vibrating screen, and then passed through weighing equipment warehouse and hoisting machine into vertical mill for grinding. Pulverized phosphorus slag with hot air stove to provide hot air, through the separator powder selection, and get drying. In accordance with the fineness requirements of phosphorus slag powder was finally delivered to the precipitator collection, in full bloom, the air from the chute, the elevator into the finished product storage.

3, the best grinding equipment - phosphorus slag vertical mill

(1) to support the domestic top large vertical mill

Phosphate slag grinding production line system using the chaeng has won the national patent GRMS series phosphorus slag vertical mill, the vertical mill greatly reduces power consumption grinding, grinding noise and civil investment, set drying, powder selection , Grinding as one, is the current large-scale phosphorus slag grinding system widely used equipment.

(2) fine powder product quality, high activity

Vertical milling system produces phosphorus slag surface area of ​​about 450 ㎡ / kg, than the ball mill finished particle size distribution, good liquidity.

(3) less dust emissions

chaeng the production line construction is very environmentally friendly, greatly reducing the dust emissions, so that it is controlled at 20mg / m³, much lower than the national standard of 30mg / m³.

(4) rationalize the layout, save investment and maintenance costs

In order to save capital investment, the design should meet the production requirements under the conditions of the equipment placed in the open air as far as possible, thus saving both civil costs, but also facilitate the customer in the future production equipment maintenance.