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How much area covers of different output for slag grinding line ?

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  • Jan 25, 2018  UTC+8
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Chaeng launched from the early stage of the project to the final production and operation, the whole process of customer service, "a vertical mill, eight services," the EPC package of slag powder production line service model, much favored customers. Up to now, Chaeng has built more than 100 pieces of slag production line project, which has accumulated a wealth of experience in project construction.

slag grinding line

As we all know, different output of slag production line covers an area different. According to the construction experience of ore powder line project, and share with you the different output of slag production line covers an area for reference purposes only.

Assuming that there is no level difference in the ground of the production plant, the storage yard should consider 5-7 days of storage.

The production line covers an area of:

size of slag grinding line Land area
200,000 t/a About 15 acres
300,000 t/a About 15-20 acres
450,000 t/a About 25 acres
600,000 t/a About 25-30 acres

Chaeng slag powder line system is a vertical mill integrated system, the host adopts the energy-saving environmental protection GRMS slag mill, which sets the crushing, drying, grinding, powder sorting, conveying in one, the layout is compact, covers an area of about ball mill 50% of the system, and can be arranged outdoors, reducing investment costs.