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Water Slag Vertical Mill Used In the Water Slag Powder Processing

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  • Nov 11, 2015  UTC+8
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Water slag as raw materials for the building materials, often used in the production of cement and concrete. Because the water slag has hydraulic gelation properties,under the action of cement,lime or gypsum,can be used as the raw material to get high quality cement . After vertical mill and other processing equipment, water slag powder can be made into slag portland cement , gypsum slag cement, lime slag cement,slag concrete and slag brick, etc.,it is also the raw material can produce the environmental bricks.

Water slag is formed by rapid cooling the molten blast furnace slag in water,mainly include the slag pool water quenching and before furnace water quenching . After dealing with the specific production line processing,the water slag will be the economic material,this solution solves the problem of recycling blast furnace slag and other waste effectively,reduce the environment pollution caused by slag . In the water slag processing production line,water slag vertical mill plays an important role,and the fine powder vertical mill put into use make water slag processing effect more better.


Water slag vertical mill’s work principle is the motor through rotational speed reducer drive the mill disc,the raw material from the feeding fell into the grinding disc,under the action of centrifugal force ,moved to the edge of the grinding disc and grinded by the roller.the processing material overflow from the edge of the grinding disc, at the same time,the wind ring with the high speed up and hot stream will bring the raw material into the classifier. Coarse powder after separator is returned to the grinding disc, grinding again; Fine powder with the airflow,collected by the system of the dust collecting . The coarse materials are not bring up by the stream and the metal pieces came into accidentally will sink down from the wind ring,after scraping by the board,will be feeding by the outer bucket elevator to the mill grinding again .The whole process is circular again and again.

The recycling of water slag is a good way to make waste profitable. Water slag is processed into the economic building materials,not only saving resources, but also decrease the pollution of waste on the environment,in accordance with the development concept,the recycling of water slag is a good way for business investment.