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Attention for Slag Powder Vertical Roller Mill Operation

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  • May 25, 2015  UTC+8
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Special attention should be paid to the slag powder vertical roller mill operation: 

1. Check inside of vertical roller mill. 

2. Check working condition of lubrication stations, working temperature, working pressure, and flow rate, etc.  

3. Check whether there is leakage in the pipe connections.

4. Check grinding roller falling speed when feeding material, also check state switch to guarantee that the grinding roller will rise when no material is available. 

5. Check feeding state during operation. Pay attention to its vibration and other technical data. 

6. Check the current, voltage and temperature states of machine parts regularly. 

7. Feeding material, grinding roller movement and other technical data should be adjusted by Central Control Room. Whenever there is emergency, fast action should be taken immediately to stop the machine. 

8. The feeding detector should be non-artificial control.