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Vertical roller mill win cement plant energy conservation and emissions reduction to be completed

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  • Apr 28, 2015  UTC+8
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Referred to the cement industry, many people will think of pollution. Nowadays,  energy conservation of cement industry is most important than any one thing. And now that is the common focus of the whole society. In March 1, 2014, the most severe of "air pollutant emission standards Cement Industry" officially began to carry out, and at the same time the competent authorities have issued the "2014-2015 energy saving technology special action plan" and "2014- 2015 energy saving low-carbon development action plan ".All levels of government have been put on specific targets, energy conservation. The situation of cement industry is increasingly grim. For cement companies should change from passive to active, in accordance with the requirements of the standard and plan in advance,actively promote.

It is reported that the power consumption of cement grinding accounted for 60% -70% of the total power consumption during cement production.Energy saving of cement grinding equipment became the key to the industry standards. The industry have called for reform of the new cement grinding equipment.As the industry recognized high energy "boss", ball mill will be eliminated, while the cement vertical mill and roller press grinding system will undoubtedly become the focus of the industry.

In order to understand differents between the cement vertical mill grinding system and roller press grinding system, which one is more energy efficient and most benifit? We came to the well-known supplier of grinding system integration - Great Wall Machinery, deputy general manager of Great Wall Machinery Company Qiaozhi explained for us.

Qiao said, compared with the joint roller press grinding system, cement vertical mill is used in many foreign cement production line with obviously energy-saving effect and smoothly easy operation. Its good use results has been reconizedin  2009 Toure SAF international conference: vertical roller mill is an advanced, economical and practical cement finish grinding equipment.

Due to technical limitations and lack of understanding, only part of the cement companies have a try. According to the data in the actual production of these companies, we obtain:

Power consumption, the roller press + ball joint grinding system power consumption is 30 ~ 35kWh / t, roller mill finish grinding system 25 ~ 30kWh / t. With an annual output of 1 million tons,  vertical mill system can save power 4 million degrees, the effect is very obvious.

Noise, the roller press + ball mill system noise pollution is always over 100jb.But for vertical mill, it is in the 80-85 decibel range, far below the former and good control the noise pollution.

Dust, ball mill grinding system produce a lot of dust during production, but vertical mill use the fully enclosed design.The set of crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveyor in one, greatly reduce dust emissions.

It is worth mentioning that the cement vertical mill, not only prominent in energy saving but also plays important role in investment costs and the quality of cement:

1, the system of investment, combined with the actual investment budget and manufacturers, although the system invest of ball mill is small,but its later equipment cost are higher, also with the large area, higher construction for the total cost, the cement vertical roller mill Investment and roll pressure system combined grinding system are nearly same.

2, vertical roller mill for moisture and particle size are superior adaptability than ball mill grinding system.

Thus, cement vertical roller mill system has an absolute advantage.Although now it is not made a wide range of applications, but with the implementation of energy saving and low carbon development policy and cement improve environmental awareness, cement vertical roller mill market will be fully tapped.

Cement is the large energy emissions industry, but our speed of reduce energy consumption should be a big step for five years, one year a small step. The development of the cement industry in the future should translate to higher level, higher technology, higher energy saving development.