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Vertical Mill for Processing Steel Slag

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  • Apr 09, 2015  UTC+8
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In the current environment, the use of slag, construction waste, blast furnace slag and other industrial waste to develop recycle economy has become a new approach in cement industry. The successful application of industrial wastes in cement production cannot be realized without vertical mill. Great Wall Machinery is a leading supplier in integrated grinding system. Vertical mill produced by Great Wall Machinery can effectively processing steel slag, blast furnace slag and other industrial waste.

Slag and iron is separated after being pre-crushed, Then magnetic separator selects metal. Qualified slag comes into being after grinded by vertical mill, which can be used for cement production. This method can achieve full utilization of all the resources. It brings tremendous social and economic benefits. At the meantime, it saves a lot farmland that took up by steel slag and reduces environmental pollution.


Take a large steel company in Guangdong with annual steel slag utilization 600,000 tons for example, various types of crushed slag after a hot stew, crushing, screening, magnetic separation, coarse grinding and other processes, not only produces 600,000 tons per year of steel slag, but also selects 6,000 tons of good quality slag particles and iron powder. The price of steel slag is around 145 yuan / ton. The average annual profit is about 87 million yuan. Steel slag particles and iron powder can increase the annual income for more than 500 million. Total sales of the entire project are more than 9,000 million yuan.

However, China's slag grinding equipment market for industrial waste treatment is not mature. In industrial waste utilization, Great Wall Machinery can produce the equipment with reliable quality and advanced technology. In recent years, Great Wall Machinery has developed a series of industrial waste treatment equipment such as GGBFS vertical mill, steel slag vertical mill and nickel slag vertical mill. It has been successfully applied in a number of companies and has paid off.