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CHAENG vertical mill grinding roller tyre - Solve the wear problem of roller

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  • Aug 05, 2020  UTC+8
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As the key component of the vertical roller mill, the grinding roller has a complex composition and often grinds materials containing some hard impurities, such as quartz stone, iron, etc. In the long-term grinding process, it is easy to cause serious wear on the grinding roller, making the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding table increase, and the operating efficiency of the equipment decreases, and energy consumption increases, which in turn reduces production efficiency and increases production costs.

So how to reduce the wear of the grinding roller, thereby improving the production efficiency and reducing the cost of the enterprise? After years of research and exploration, CHAENG has developed and produced the advanced, strong abrasion resistance, long life and reliable vertical mill roller tyre

vertical roller mill, grinding roller tyre
The roller tyre of the vertical mill grinding roller is like wearing a layer of clothing to the roller. Compared with the high cost of the roller, the price of the roller tyre is much cheaper. CHAENG adopts the latest production process to greatly enhance the wear resistance of the roller tyre.
The advantages of vertical mill roller tyre produced by CHAENG are as follows:
1. Adopt ZG30Mn, with high hardness and good wear resistance.
2. Professional flaw detection instrument testing and quality assurance.
3. The rocker arm can be turned out of the mill for easy maintenance.
4. Smooth surface, beneficial to increase grinding efficiency.
5. High hardness, good anti-cracking and fine product quality. 
6. The arc gouging is used for finishing the steel castings, to guarantee the appearance quality.
7. Perform strict flaw detection on the force-bearing surface.