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Large steel castting parts of girth gear performance features

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  • Jun 18, 2020  UTC+8
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The girth gear is one of the more commonly used parts in large mechanical equipment (such as rotary kiln, ball mill). Its function is to transmit and change the direction of force through the large ring gear. The large ring gear belongs to the thin-walled ring castings.

girth gear, rotary kiln, CHAENG

The girth gear performance features are as the following:
1. Bearing capacity is high and operation is stable. 
2. The gear fabrication process is advanced and the rigidity performaince is perfect. 
3. The structure is simple and it is convenient for fabricating and daliy maintenace. 
The large-size cast steel fabrication equipment is perfect to guarantee the product quality and fabrication period.  The perfect hot machinging production process to guarantee the inner quality of key part. The Advanced inspection instrument, multi strength testor and other inspection equipment to guarantee the perfect.
girth gear, rotary kiln, CHAENG
According to the customer’s requirement, CHAENG chooses the appropriate wooden model for design and makes the CAE casting simulation before casting. The casting is strictly in accordance with the process of “wooden model—sand moulding—metallurgical casting—heat preservation—cleaning—heat treatment—rough finishing &fine finishing—package &delivery”, for the high quality gear castings.