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Steel vertical mill process configuration comparison

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  • Nov 08, 2018  UTC+8
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Main equipment configuration comparison
  Steel slag final vertical grinding Roller mill+ Ball mill grinding
Host GRM34.31 steel slag vertical mill
Main motor power: 1800kw
Powder separator power: 160kw
G140-80 roller press, power: 2x560kw
Throughput: 300-400t/h
Φ3.2x13m ball mill, power: 1600kw
Auxiliary machine
CCLF-2x13 air box pulse  
Powder collector 240000m3/h  
Cycle boost: NE300, 300t/h, 75kw
V-type separator: 140000-200000m3/h
Main fan   
Full pressure 9kPa
Power 800kw  
Grinding lift: TGD315, 60t/h, 18.5kw
High efficiency separator
120000m3/min-165000m3/min, 110KW
Hot air stove 8000000 kcal/h Hot air stove 8000000 kcal/h
Process advantage comparison
  Steel slag vertical grinding system Roller mill+ Ball mill system
Environmental Grinding, drying, powder selection and conveying are integrated.
There is basically no dust pollution.
The system runs quietly.
The external circulation of the system is large.
There are many lifting and conveying processes.
Special attention needs to be paid to the dust.
The system is running quietly.
Raw material moisture adaptability The material bed is ground and can adapt to the high moisture content of the material ≤15%.  
Sensitive to moisture, requires material moisture≤6.5%.
Repair and maintenance
Roller and disc maintenance generally uses online surfacing, which takes 4 to 6 days;
Vertical mill open layout, easy to replace the roller cover
Roller surface wear online welding, it takes 8~10 days;
Roller surface shedding is more common, and it is necessary to remove the roller for offline repair and surfacing, which is difficult to maintain.
The system equipment has few links, the failure rate is extremely low, and the operation rate is greater than 95%.
There are many links in the system equipment, the circulation volume is large, the load on the machine is large, and the risk of failure is large, and the operation rate is about 90%.
Index comparison
Item Comparison project Energy consumption data
Steel slag vertical grinding mill Roller mill+ Ball mill grinding
1 Raw material Steel slag ≤ 10mm, iron content ≤ 1.5%
2 Design yield, fineness 50t/h、≥430m2/kg
3 Actual operating output 45~55t/h 40~50t/h
4 Total installed power 3000kw 3575kw
5 Tons of installed power 3575kw 79kwh
6 Tons of operating power consumption ~50kwh ~65kwh
  Annual electricity saving (0.7 yuan / kwh) ~315 million 0
7 Tons of metal consumption 14g 50g
8 Tons of maintenance costs 0.38 4.27
9 Ton daily maintenance fee 0.14 0.19
  Annual maintenance and maintenance costs ~105million 0