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Chaeng second-generation dryer production line

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  • Oct 10, 2018  UTC+8
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Xinxiang Great Wall, which is based on scientific research innovation team of Zhejiang university and which has 60 years of heavy equipment manufacturing experience and technology research and development strength, has developed the first-generation and second-generation sludge drying product system solutions. It provides full one-stop service, which means that it realizes the integration of network management and operation from the effective treatment and safe disposal of sludge, network operation, the entire regulation and other links.

The second-generation sludge treatment of Xinxiang Great Wall adopts the waste heat of flue gas for drying with low temperature, which realizes the sludge treatment with waste gas at a low cost. It also can filter particles in flue gas dust (PM2.5) and harmful gas, and integrate the dedusting, desulfurization and denitration, which makes the resource be reused, helps to save sludge landfill disposal costs for enterprises, directly generates economic benefits, achieves the best treatment effect of treating waste with waste, energy conservation and emissions reduction, mud haze power-sharing, and provides strength guarantee for the harmless production of sludge in China.

Technical features of the second-generation sludge dryer
Sludge drying

(1) Make the waste heat of flue gas contact wet sludge directly to maximize the drying efficiency, and dry at low temperature (< 200 degrees) to avoid the generation of odorous gas.

(2) In the process of sludge drying, wet sludge can absorb PM2.5, PM10 and 20%-25% sulfur dioxide in flue gas, which has the functions of dedusting, desulfurization and denitration.

(3) The whole technical process is operated under closed and negative pressure. A large amount of flue gas will dilute and chemically neutralize the small amount of peculiar smell gas released by sludge drying, so as to ensure the exhaust emissions are up to standard.