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How to reasonably install the ball mill equipment

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  • May 03, 2018  UTC+8
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Ball mill equipment fixed factors are: raw ore hardness, broken size, mesh sieve, ball mill model, ball quality, steel ball addition, ball size ratio, ball mill speed, classifier speed, classifier impeller spacing, classification Machine spindle lifting height, classifier blade wear, classifier overflow weir height, classifier under the opening level, the size of the classifier under the opening, classifier opening level, classifier opening size. This part of the factors is designed for the early stages of design and process. Of course, many concentrators have problems with their design, equipment installation, or equipment quality. This part of the factors is explained first. Ball mill model selection: different ball mill models can meet different process and technical requirements. This factor must be reasonably selected during design. See ball mill selection and calculation. The installation of the ball mill has different problems, such as misalignment of the gears and the gears.

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Ball mill gear transmission gear reducer has blisters, and other equipment according to loading, has not run a few classes, gear wear and other issues. The ball mill mechanics master the important parameters of daily adjustment, which directly reflect the level of ball mill operation and the importance of grinding utilization. Mainly include: the size of the ball mill water supply, the size of the ball mill flushing the mine mouth, the amount of ore.