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Vertical coal mill working principle

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  • May 03, 2016  UTC+8
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CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) pulverized coal grinding system specifications can be divided into: GRMC17.21 vertical coal mill, GRMC19.21 vertical coal mill, GRMC24.31 vertical coal mill, its production capacity is designed to be divided into: 20t / h, 25t / h, 40t / h to meet a variety of applications on the market in the field of coal-fired boilers, and the pulverized vertical coal mill is the world's leading coal preparation facilities have been highly rated domestic and foreign customers.

First, what is vertical coal mill production process is the full set of equipment?

Coal vertical mill production line process.jpg

Second, what vertical coal mill working principle is it?

vertical coal mill working principle.jpg

After Rotary feeder vertical coal mill feed, with the rotation of the grinding table of Vertical Roller Mill from the center to the edge of the movement, at the same time by the coal vertical grinding mill roll extrusion and grinding.After grinding table of Vertical Roller Mill at the edge of the pulverized coal to be brought up from the hot gases into the air ring, the meal back to the grinding table of Vertical Roller Mill and then grinding, qualified powder into the hot air from the bag filter after collecting chute transported by air to the library side of the elevator into the finished products.Drying heat generated from the combustion hot stove in the scene. Hot air through a pipe into the vertical mill, the vertical mill after the gas cleaning system by the fan into the chimney, where a portion of the cycle again into the vertical mill through the circulation duct.

Third, vertical coal mill technology advantages What are the characteristics?

1.coal vertical grinding mill set, drying, separator, delivery in one energy efficient.

2.Grinding table shape is conducive to the material after grinding the edge of the disc was promptly thrown into the isolated, reducing over-grinding. High efficiency, low power consumption.

3.Grinding roller of vertical coal mill machine pulls out, the repair and replacement of wearing parts is very convenient.

4.the roller sleeve symmetrical shape of the tire structure, can be used upside down, long life, low operating costs.

5.the separator for the efficient dynamic - static separator, high efficiency, small resistance.

6.with a limit device can be prevented when no material on the grinding table and roller grinding table in direct contact, wear and avoid severe vibration.

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