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Welcome "One Belt and One Road" strategic opportunity, industrial slag grinding equipment landing in southeast Asia

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  • Nov 27, 2015  UTC+8
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                                                                    ——The XinXiang Great Wall, yearly produces 300,000 tons of nickel slag powder production line to go abroad again

10th November,Chairman of Indonesia Su Gang group, Yongfa,Su come to Xinxiang Great Wall machinery co., LTD., about yearly produces 300,000 tons of nickel slag production line project cooperation, final inspection and signing, the chairman of Xinxiang Great Wall ,Jizhong, wang had taken on a grand reception. This cooperation, also indicates Xinxiang Great Wall nickel slag/steel slag, slag powder production line of turnkey project to go abroad again, and to the world.


  Graph: the chairman of Xinxiang Great Wall ,Jizhong, wang (right 1) and chairman of Indonesia Su Gang, Yongfa,Su (middle) make a photo as a souvenir.

With diamond drill, dare to embrace porcelain live

Xinxiang Great Wall as a domestic first-class grinding system integrated service providers, in a large vertical mill, ball mill, rotary kiln production research and development show one's own ingenuity, more than half a century, with the excellent quality and perfect service, has formed a complete product design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and after-sales service in the integration of production management system. These two years, the global development trend of integration of environmental protection is increasingly intense, green cement production and steel manufacturing has become one of the big heat for energy-saving and cost-reducing, for nickel slag, steel slag, slag and other industrial waste residue, powder grinding reprocessing to the cement and steel two big industry transformation of environmental protection strong connected.

In 2011, Xinxiang Great Wall through continuous trial and research, the construction of the domestic industry the first and the present domestic only a slag powder demonstration line and the host USES GRMS46.41 slag vertical grinding machine, which for the construction of the demonstration line not only can let the customer real feel for the stable operation of the slag vertical grinding machine, but also construction slag powder line for the customer provides the beneficial reference and operation training.

In 2013, the Xinxiang Great Wall is increasing excavate and integrate of Vertical industry chainv, first to get success in the field of nickel slag powder grinding, the construction of xuchang ,annual output of 300000 tons of nickel slag powder production line ,both in terms of process configuration, site management, production intelligent achieves domestic nickel slag processing mature level, also created a new record for the domestic nickel slag vertical mill, eventually efficient nickel slag vertical grinding machine, grinding of nickel slag powder was applied in the south-north water transfer project and Shi Wu high-iron, and other large infrastructure projects. Xinxiang Great Wall with the high quality grinding machine, the first-class service level, for the market reputation and customer relationship chain construction laid a foundation.

Nearly two years, the Xinxiang Great Wall integrate resources advantage, pioneered the first in the industry "one vertical mill ,eight service" grinding production line t-turnkey project service system, industrial waste residue, so to speak, the Xinxiang Great Wall has transformed itself from a single machine to make perfect disintegration to the system service. So far, the Xinxiang Great Wall has successfully built at home and abroad more than 100 nickel slag/steel slag, slag powder -turnkey project production lines, including India's Tata, American Mittal, Shanghai baostee, xuzhou iron and steel, Aosen iron and steel and first-class iron and steel group at home and abroad.

With the politics of east wind, writing the chapter of cooperation

In recent years, the southeast Asian countries accelerate industrial structure adjustment, infrastructure construction be in the ascendant, the industrialization, the urbanization process fast push, especially in Indonesia is flourishing demand for steel, this year is expected to more than 15 million tons, up nearly 10% on the previous year, and by 2025 the number will reach 26 million tons.

Growing metallurgical production must produce a large amount of industrial waste residue, and Indonesia Su Gang group as Indonesia region of mainstay role in metallurgical enterprises, the annual produce a large number of industrial waste residue, the experimental results show that if the industrial waste residue, deposited in the open air will produce serious occupation of land, soil pollution, pollution of water bodies and so on a series of social problems, so on industrial waste residue treatment be Su Gang fast developing urgently needed to solve a problem.

Through carrying out field visits on the multiple industrial waste residue to China grinding processing equipment enterprises, including domestic famous design institutes, but Indonesia Su Gang ultimately choose to cooperate with Xinxiang Great Wall , and successfully signed yearly produces 300,000 tons of nickel slag powder production line -turnkey project of the contract. The contract is the starting point of cooperation both sides, also is the Xinxiang Great Wall industrial slag grinding processing production line- turnkey project service to the world a new starting point.

Xinxiang Great Wall cooperation with the Indonesian Su Gang, on the one hand, is pushing by the national strategy of"One Belt and One Road" , China and Indonesia capacity cooperation presents gratifying situation, a certain extent also provide an important opportunity for Xinxiang Great Wall and Indonesia Su Gang group,on international waste slag recycling project cooperation smoothly ; On the other hand ,also with Xinxiang Great Wall in the field of industrial slag grinding treatment technology ability, management level, the accumulation of experience is inseparable.

By report,Nickel slag, this production line is expected in the second half of 2016 and put into operation, believe that the Chinese characteristic grinding equipment - vertical grinding machine equipment in Indonesia and even the entire southeast Asia is playing an increasingly important role in development.