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GRMS vertical roller mill grinding powder to satisfy the concrete application

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  • Jun 19, 2015  UTC+8
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Blast furnace slag is discharged during smelting iron. It can be divided into steel-making pig iron slag, casting pig iron slag, ferromanganese slag etc. The lower of mineral taste, the larger of slag discharge quantity. Although our country has rich mineral source, the taste is not high. That’s the reason why the slag output amount of steel factories in China is so large. It’s said that our usage of slag start lately, but now it has been popularized. Especially after the quickly developing of GRMS slag vertical roller mill and other manufacturing equipment, the application becomes more widely.The powders can effectively improve the application function of concrete.

Slag macadam can replace the nature stones and be used in the roads, airport, ground engineering, railway ballast, concrete aggregate and bituminous pavement etc. It can be used in slag gravel preparation, soft ground application. The bituminous pavement use slag macadam not only brightness, have good non-skid property, but also have good wear resisting property. When it is used in railway ballast, it can reduce the vibration and noise produced by train walking.


Our country usually produce the blast furnace slag to water slag, slag macadam, expanded slag and slag bead etc. Water slag is put the hot melt state slag put into the water and cooling quickly. The mainly two ways are slag pool water quenching and water quench before furnace. Water slag can be used in the production of cement and concrete. As the water slag has the potential hydraulic gelation properties and can be good cement materials with the influence of cement clinker, lime and gypsum. It can be used to make the slag portland cement, gypsum slag cement, lime slag cement , slag brick and slag concrete etc.

During the reality application, as the slag is hard to grinding, considering as the efficient of GRMS slag vertical roller mill, when the fineness reach 400m²/kg~500m²/kg is already pretty fine. According the country’s GB/T18046-2000 level, it already satisfy the level S95 requirements if the slag fineness reaches 420m²/kg~450m²/kg. At the same time, it can satisfy the demands of ≤C60 concrete. There’s no need to produce the fineness 600m²/kg grinding slag powder with large amount electricity.