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The New Type Vertical Mill Advanced Technology Improves the Concretes Performance

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  • Apr 10, 2015  UTC+8
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These years, a new highly developing concrete technology has been applied in many practical projects. It is the high performance concrete. The durability is the main index for its design. Regard to the different requirements, it guarantees the durability、construct-ability、applicability、strength、volume stability and economy etc. It has the low water-binder ratio, use the good quality material, except cement、water and aggregate, also should add enough quantity mineral admixture and high admixture.

By adding the high quality mineral admixture, improving its compaction、reducing the concrete gap capillary、improving the interface and micro-structure between aggregates and cement colloid、improving the concrete quality、preventing large quantity harmful materials coming into the concrete and reduce the concrete erosion.


According to the scientific experiments, with the suitable mineral admixture adding, the cost little increase. Especially when C30 concrete add 20% coal ash and 20% slag powder, the cost is nearly same with the original concrete. The concrete factories can use the lower cost to earn more benefits.Combining with our national situation, high performance concrete mineral admixture mainly add the coal ash and mineral powder.Coal ash should use the stable quality products.The strength of concrete below C50 should use the coal ash national standard level I or level II, but the ignition loss≤5.0%, fineness ≤20%. Coal ash should use the water quenching grinding products, the specific surface area is 350-500m²/kg, 28 days activity index≥95%,ignition loss≤3.0%,moisture content≤1.0% etc.

As the famous grinding system supplier in China, Great Wall Machinery can be the support of concrete industry. In order to improve the quality of concrete, and realize the energy saving, we have produced the new type vertical mill. This mill has good grinding power, low power consumption and provide good quality products. The coal ash’s specific surface area is 420—450㎡/kg, 7days activity index can reach 100%. Most important, this mill not only can grinding the slag, but also can grinding the coal ash. It save the customer’s equipment investment and maintenance cost. Now, our new type vertical mill has already used in the 350,000t/a slag powder /coal ash production project of Harbin three new energy-saving building materials co.,Ltd.