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30 TPH Slag Vertical Mill

  • By Sherry Zhao
  • Dec 12, 2014  UTC+8
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To respond the call of national energy saving policy, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery, cooperated with domestic and international experts and research institutes who have rich experience in manufacturing vertical mill for more than ten years, develops GRMS series slag vertical raw mill. The energy-saving and low-carbon effect of this series is very significant. Great Wall Machinery GRMS series mainly include GRMS33.31,GRMS 46.41, GRMS 53.41, which can meet the capacity of 300,000t, 600,000t and 1million tons of slag processing.

However, considering variety of reasons, such as short of raw material, short of fund and the partial market is small, some customers do not need to build large capacity slag production line. 30 TPH slag vertical mill can meet their production demand. To prompt bigger market, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery develops GRMS26.21 slag vertical mill in order to let more customer use the high quality, cost-effective and standard slag processing equipment.

The output of GRMS26.21 slag grinding machine is almost 30t per hour, 200,000t per year, which meets the small scale slag production demand. GRMS 26.21 can be widely used in cement plant, grinding plant and steel plant.                

The followings are the advantages of Great Wall Machinery GRMS26.21 slag vertical mill, compared with traditional ball mill:

  1. Energy-saving effect is remarkable.

  2. Coal consumption is lower, thus reduces cost.

  3. High quality and reliable performance.

  4. Strong adaptability to raw material.

  5. Low noisy and eco-friendly.

With these advantages above, small output slag vertical mill will become more and more widely used in industrial process.