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Industrial Milling Industry Preferred Device: Vertical Roller Mill

  • By Kim Lee
  • Dec 12, 2014  UTC+8
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In industrial milling industry, the most widely used equipment is ball mill. Ball mill is the key grinding equipment after the material being crushed. With the upgrading demand of ore, coal and other special material, ball mill is unable to meet the production demand. Therefore, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery vertical roller mill comes into being.

Great Wall vertical roller mill introduces advanced technology form home and abroad, and combines rich experience of manufacturing grinding machine. It solves the current problem of low production and high power consumption. What’s more, the application of vertical roller mill comes to the national concept of green economy. In the near future, vertical roller mill will become preferred choice of industrial milling device.Compared with ball mill, vertical roller mill is super industrial milling machine, and it is the real high production low power consumption device. Vertical roller mill has some unique advantages. First, the feeding grain size increases greatly, which saves unnecessary crushing process and simplifies the production process. Second, vertical roller mill provides drying function if the equipment has requirements on material moisture. Moreover, the vertical roller mill offered by Great Wall Machinery can be customized according to customer’s demand.

Vertical roller mill has wide application in industrial production. In mineral industry, vertical roller mill can grind ore, limestone and so on. In power plants and steel plants, vertical roller mill can finish coal grinding and deal with steel slag. Thus, vertical roller mill will become more and more popular.