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The development prospect of Chinese Cement Plant in 2016

  • By Ring
  • Mar 19, 2015  UTC+8
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With government stimulus gradually improved domestic demand and the effects of the international economic situation, the cement plant will enter a new round of economic cycle.Sales picked up significantly,supply-demand relationship get improved,industry profitability get improved steadily.At the same time,under the "twelfth five-year" plan in the country and the policy of industrial structure adjustment,our cement plant will face the huge market opportunities,the cement industry will usher in a new development opportunity.

The first performance is the progress of cement production materials and equipment in 2016.Traditional cement production technology and equipment for the use of raw materials have significant limitations,since the emergence of new dry process cement production, China began to use the pre-homogenization of raw materials technology,which made the production of raw materials range get expanded. With advances in technology and equipment,prehomogenization technology is rapidly improving and developing,the resulting effect is enormous.At the same time,the advances in materials technology and techniques achieve efficient use of production waste.

The second performance is the preparation of raw materials for cement production technology and equipment advances in 2016.First, in the application of the separator, China has independently developed a variety of classifiers,and they have been widely used in the raw material preparation system, making the raw material for milling get greatly improved.Second, China's raw material grinding equipment design have been widely put into use,even the large cement production line.

The third performance is the progress of cement clinker burning process and equipment in 2016.For dry cement production process, the pre-calciner Cement Kiln technology is very important.Currently the clinker burning technology is also gradually adopting this technology.Our pre-calciner Rotary Kiln technology has reached the international advanced level.

The last is the progress of grinding cement production technology and equipment.Vertical Roller Mill and Ball Mill are commonly used equipments.Recently, through vigorous research, we changed the material grinding machine,which made grinding machine energy loss and cost reduce,increasing productivity.

At the same time, because our country is still in the large-scale industrialization and urbanization,there are huge differences in our vast land and eastern Midwest,so we have much room for development.