Steel Slag Comprehensive Utilization Rate (%)

Japan 98 Road construction, civil engineering, cement engineering, agricultural fertilizer and others
America 95 Road construction, and others
German 77 Road construction, civil engineering, building materials, agricultural fertilizer
Russia 40 Road construction
China 22 Road construction, building materials, agricultural fertilizer

Steel Slag Application

  • Road Engineering Road Engineering
  • Building Materials Building Materials
  • Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Fertilizer and Soil Amendment
  • Marine Engineering Marine Engineering
  • Sewage Treatment Sewage Treatment

Steel Slag
Treatment Process

  • Steel Slag Transport

  • Heat Treatment

  • Crushing & Iron Separation

  • Grinding into Powder

After coming out of converter, steel slag is received and transported by slag pots.

Due to the high temperature of the steel slag, the slag pot must have high quality.

CHAENG slag pot is made by one-piece casting method, which has strong resistance to deformation.

Slag Pot

Slag Pot

The service life can reach 6,000 using times.

Nondestructive testing to ensure the internal quality of slag pots.

Large steel companies such as Mittal and Tata choose our slag pots.

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The Common Treatment Methods

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  • Tank-Type Hot Disintegration
  • Water Quenching
  • Hot Splashing
  • Air Quenching
  • BSSF

Tank-Type Hot Disintegration


Simple to operation, and can treat high alkalinity steel slag.

The slag and iron are completely separated, the steel slag has high activity and good stability.

Can treat solid slag.


Uneven gain size

Take a long time

Subsequent crushing requires equipment

Water quenching


Simple process, small land occupation, and small investment cost; steel slag has small particle size and stable performance.


Explosion prone to occur during treatment.

Steel slag have uneven grain size.

Can only treat liquid slag.

Hot splashing


Large processing capacity

High steel slag activity

High productivity.


Large equipment loss, large floor space, large amount of dust, large amount of steam, not environmentally friendly

Air quenching


Safe and reliable, simple process, low investment, large processing capacity, low water consumption, etc.


Unable to treat steel slag that does not flow



Steel slag has a small grain size for easy iron separation.

Short production process, small land occupation, and high productivity.

Less dust, very environmentally friendly.

Automated operation.


The cost is high.

Equipment maintenance is difficult.

Can not treat solid slag.

The final products of steel slag crushing production line are mainly slag steel and magnetic separation powder.

The former can be reused in steelmaking and the latter can be reused in sintering. The tailings can also be further processed, such as producing steel slag powder.

Equipment Provided by CHAENG

  • Jaw Crusher
  • Cone Crusher
  • Impact Crusher
  • Double Roll Crusher
  • Belt Magnetic Separator
  • Electromagnetic Separator
  • Vibrating Screen

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

On the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, according to material characteristics, CHAENG uses the high-end design structure and wear-resistant materials, ultimately they have developed a new generation of jaw crusher in China.


1. Deep cavity crushing, high efficiency and energy saving, which help to greatly improve the feeding and crushing efficiency;

2. Choosing and using high quality materials and advanced technology, we can ensure the crusher become more reliable and have lower failure rate and longer service life;

3. The crusher has large output adjustment range, one machine multipurpose. It can meet the customers' multiple processing requirements;

4. Low noise and less dust, its construction environment is fully environmentally friendly.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher

The cone crusher is a new type of crusher independently developed by CHAENG. Integrating mechanical, hydraulic and automation technologies, the cone crusher can crush materials with medium hardness and above such as iron ore, river pebble, granite and so on, and it is also the ideal equipment for medium crushing and fine crushing.


1. The grain shape is neat and the output is high;

2. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic chamber-clearing, high degree of automation, to reduce the downtime;

3. Various types of crushing chamber, with flexible application and multiple purposes;

4. The use of direct metal contact method makes the replacement of moving and fixed lining boards quick and easy;

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

After optimizing the design, CHAENG have launched a new generation of machine which is the impact crusher. The impact crusher is favored by many customers because of its simple structure, convenient operation and good finished grain shape.


1. With large feeding port and deep crushing cavity, the impact crusher can process high hardness and large materials and make the finished product with few stone powder;

2. Compact structure, strong machine rigidity , the rotor has bigger rotary inertia.

Double roll crusher

Double roll crusher

The double roll crusher is a machine which uses the extrusion force and grinding shear force produced by relative rotation of two sets of single driving roll shafts to crush materials.


1.Increase the output by 30%-40%, decrease the total energy consumption by 20%-30%;

2.Simple structure, little space occupation, easy for operation and maintenance;

3.Good sealing property, less dust, low working noise.

Belt magnetic separator

Belt magnetic separator

It is convenient to adjust the magnetic field intensity, belt speed, suspension height and angle of the belt magnetic separator to adapt steel slag with different grain size, grade and moisture content, so the belt magnetic separator becomes the core magnetic separation equipment for the secondary treatment of steel slag.


1.High production capacity, strong adaptability, simple structure, reliable running and easy operation;

2.Cover small space, can be used with other belt magnetic separators in series connection, save altitude difference of the workshop;

Electromagnetic separator

Electromagnetic separator

The electromagnetic separator is a new-type magnetic separation product developed by our company, and it can equipped with different stainless steel medium, and is appropriate for different areas and different minerals.


1. Completely remove iron without residue

2. This equipment is controlled by automatic program in working state, and no worker is needed so it can reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

3. Medium adopts tailor-made magnetic conductive stainless steel which can produce high gradient magnetic field under the stimulation of background magnetic field, have strong absorption function for low-content weakly magnetic impurities, and can better remove iron.

Vibrating screen

Vibrating screen

The vibrating screen made by CHAENG adopts the most advanced design concept, and the amplitude can be adjusted, the material screen drip line is long, it has several layers of screens, screening material by different sizes, and the screening efficiency is high, so it especially suits for the screening of sandstone in the quarry.


1. It can screen material by different sizes, and the screening efficiency is high, so it especially suits for the screening of sand and gravel in the quarry.

2. Reliable running, adjustable vibration parameter, long operating life;

3. Low noise, low power consumption, good regulation performance and no material clashing

CHAENG can equip ball mill or vertical mill for different clients, and it is a company suitable for you.

Ball Mill Technology

The main structure of the steel slag ball mill is a horizontal cylinder. After the steel slag is crushed, the qualified crushed steel slag will be fed into the cylinder by the feeder. During the rotation of the mill, under the centrifugal force and dropping speed of grinding medium (steel ball), the steel slag is impacted and ground, and by repeating above actions, the steel slag is ground into fine granule.


1.Simple equipment and easy to operate

2.Uniform granularity, large processing capacity, high processing precision

3.Low maintenance cost, more stable running

Ball Mill

Vertical mill process

The stacked steel slag is measured and then enters the belt conveyor. After iron removal and screening through the permanent magnet roller of belt conveyor and rotary screen, it passed through the weighing equipment bin and the elevator to enter the vertical mill for grinding. The milled steel slag is separated by a separator by means of hot air from a hot blast stove, and is simultaneously dried. The steel slag powder meeting the fineness requirements is collected by the bag filter, and is transported by the air conveying chute and the elevator into the finished product warehouse. After the materials that do not meet the fineness requirements are discharged through the vertical mill slag discharge port, they are evenly distributed on the wide belt conveyor. After the iron is fully removed by the wide belt magnetic separator, the materials enter the vertical mill again for grinding.


1. The equipment covers a small area and the cost of infrastructure is reduced.

2. The system power consumption is 36kwh/t, which is about 20% less than the power consumption of the ball mill system. The dust pollution and noise are small;

3. High iron separation rate which improves economic and environmental benefits.

4. Product fineness can be guaranteed at 480-500㎡/kg, and product quality is good

Which Customers Can Choose?

Clients who have adequate funds, great demands on the energy conservation, and limited land for construction.

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Practical Application
of Steel Slag Grinding Plant

Baosteel's EPC steel slag grinding plant with annual output of 300,000tons

Main equipment: 3.2×13m steel slag ball mill +14080-D roller press

Grinding material: steel slag

Heat treatment process: BSSF

Product fineness: 500 m2/kg

Output: 50t/h

Customers’ comments: Ball mill of CHAENG has high productivity and high grinding fineness. They did all from raw material testing, to production line design, to ball mill processing and final construction and operation, which saved us a lot of time. That’s very good!

Baosteel's EPC steel slag grinding plant with annual output of 300,000tons


We have more than 500 sets of high-precision equipment to ensure you the most reliable products.

MA2010 Robot welding workstation

VB-825A CNC machining center

We have a plant area of 330,000 square meters, to provide you with a full range of products and accessories.

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